threeASFOUR + Stanley Casselman

All photography by me

(Left to right) Angela Donhauser, Gabi Asfour, Ana Mihajlovic, Adi Gil, Stanley Casselman.

(Left to right) Angela Donhauser, Gabi Asfour, Ana Mihajlovic, Adi Gil, Stanley Casselman.

A collaboration…


Between two creative forces, artist Stanley Casselman and design house threeASFOUR, came together to create an incredible collection of clothes constructed chiefly from Stanley Casselman paintings. This collection debuted at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum during New York Fashion Week 2019.

I had the privilege of shooting this collection entitled “LIGHTBEINGS” in Casselman’s studio located at Mana Contemporary.

Bio + Description of threeASFOUR as seen on their website.

“threeASFOUR is a trio of transnational artists based in New York City who use fashion as their primary medium.

Founded in 2005 by Gabriel Asfour (b. Lebanon), Angela Donhauser (b. U.S.S.R) and Adi Gil (b. Israel), the collective has built a legacy of fusing cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship to create clothing at the intersection of fashion and art. Drawing their core aesthetic from the universal languages of sacred geometry, threeASFOUR is devoted to the creative exploration of themes of consciousness and cultural coexistence.

In 2015, threeASFOUR were the recipients of the Cooper-Hewitt/Smithsonian Museum's National Design Award.”

Photography + Styling by me, Alain Simic

Model: Ana Mihajlovic

Hair: Ginger Leigh Ryan

Makeup: Yui Ishibashi