Providing Commercial Photography Services for Both Established Brands and Burgeoning Start-Ups.

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Customers want to see high quality images of your products. You want to show off your work in a way that conveys its uniqueness and style. High quality e-commerce photography is essential for the way people shop today.

Still Life

 Communicating your brand identity requires a set of images that capture that identity--images that distill who you are and what makes your brand distinct. Creative still life images are conceived, designed and produced with your particular brand and target audience in mind.


 An editorial campaign breathes life into your designs. It adds flesh, fantasy and inimitable dimension to your identity and brand narrative. Campaign shoots are designed, coordinated and produced with your input and in a way that is sensitive to your budgetary and time constraints.


Look Book Design

A look book should present your product to potential buyers and store owners in a way that is elegant and speaks to your brand quality and identity. I work with clients to help design and produce look books that proudly represent their brand and latest collection.

Social Media Content

Social media has become the lifeblood for many independent jewelers and major fashion labels. I offer varying social media packages, tailored to your specific needs, to produce images on a monthly basis so you never run out of content to post.


You may have produced in-house photography that requires additional post-production to make your product truly shine. I offer retouching services to clients at competitive rates. These include everything from general cleanup to changing metal and stone colors for pieces with multiple colorways.

Product and On Model Photography for your E-Commerce Site.


The first impression often lasts the longest. High quality product photography on white is essential for any jewelry or fashion brand, regardless of size. In today's market, photography speaks volumes because it is often the primary way customers engage with designers and the first chance you get to show your jewelry to buyers. It is crucial that your jewelry is shown in the best possible way, with the highest quality photography.

Whether it be for your e-commerce website or for your latest magazine submission, I offer high quality product photography at affordable rates.



Editorial Still Life Photography for your Website, Look Books and all other Marketing Endeavors.


Creative still life photography communicates a great deal about you, your brand and your product to your target consumer - much more than standard e-commerce photography. These images can be fanciful or minimal in nature, or anything in between. Each still life shoot is specifically tailored to you. These images can be used for anything from website banners to magazine features and social media campaigns.


Entice and Inspire your Audience 


Campaigns and Editorials help your customers see themselves in your designs. Great campaigns are both aspirational and evocative. These images are powerful tools for both young and established brands. I help produce, cast and style campaigns unique to your brand while being conscious of your budget. I work with a trusted team of hair and makeup artists to bring your vision to life.


Bare your Soul


I relish the opportunity to take portraits. From simple headshots to more stylized productions, I strive to take portraits that capture the unique qualities and beauty of my subjects.

Jessica Sailer Van Lith, Creative Director at  Maisonette

Jessica Sailer Van Lith, Creative Director at Maisonette

Stanley Casselman,  Artist

Stanley Casselman, Artist

Thea Miller, Founder and Designer,  DRU. Jewelry

Thea Miller, Founder and Designer, DRU. Jewelry

Alain Simic, Photographer, Self Portrait

Alain Simic, Photographer, Self Portrait

Interior Point of View


Interior photography helps to establish a sense of atmosphere and the unique personality in a space. I have worked with various artists, gallerists and real estate groups to photograph interiors and fine art works for several years.

My clients include artists in residence at Mana Contemporary, Meisel Real Estate, Louis K. Meisel Gallery and Galerie Mourlot