Alain Simic

Alain Simic


Prior to starting his career as a commercial photographer, Alain spent years as a freelance photojournalist with a focus on human rights concerns before he worked as a producer for photographers like Steve McCurry. After some time, he started working for a studio that had many jewelry clients, and when he left to start his own business about two years ago, several of those clients decided continue working with him. He saw a need for high-quality jewelry photography and decided to step fully into that niche.

In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • What is unique about photographing jewelry, and why should a jewelry brand work with a photographer who specializes in it?

  • What are the different types of jewelry photography, and why does each one matter?

  • What are the characteristics of good jewelry photography?

  • What role does photography play in a jewelry brand’s marketing strategy? Why is it so important?

  • When they’re searching for a photographer, what should jewelry brands look for?



Alain Simic has built a strong following…

among independent jewelry designers—he captures their distinctive aesthetics and allows their creative vision to shine. He has a flair for developing a brand’s image through his imaginative lens and continues to present jewelry that can range from lifelike to ultra-spare and modern, to editorial shots that have almost a retro vintage quality to them. He has shot naturalistic still life photos and a mod 60’s inspired model campaign for Larkspur & Hawk, black and white campaigns for the ultra hip and modern talisman of Dru Jewelry and clean-lined still lifes and model campaigns for the bold, geometric yet feminine designs of GiGi Ferranti. For all of his jewelry and fashion clients, he takes on the role of producer, director and stylist for shoots. Alain is particularly interested in working the new guard of jewelry designers to develop their individual narratives... Read Full Feature Here


Love and War in Sarajevo, Exhibit at Blueline Gallery 2014

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